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Tirana International Fair was born together with the emergence of the first entrepreneurial ventures in Albania, which just got out the “cage” of the centralized economy. It did not stop over the years, not even in the crazy year 1997, when guns were raised to the sky blaming it for our collective madness. And in the face of this spirit, on November 26th, 1997 we organized the Fair of Revival, the resurrection of hope, the restoration of faith and the rebirth of a healthy economy and business.

We did not stop organizing Tirana International Fair even in 1999, in the Year of the almost mythological Exodus of the brothers and sisters of one blood, the Albanians living beyond the Drini river. On the contrary, an event was organized with all the supporters of the right cause of a free and independent Kosovo. For no reason and in no case was this International Event in Tirana interrupted, an event which is the best indicator of the interest of international investors and entrepreneurs to invest and exchange, to bring experience, but also to create business models.

The free market economy is inextricably connected to advertising, publicity, marketing and the Fair is at the top of the charts as the most useful and efficient tool. Tirana International Fair, survived with the established standards, with the profile and professionalism in every detail, as the only genuine international fair, in terms of the profile of the exhibitors, but national for the loyalty and marketing fanaticism of a hospitable Albania in every sense of the word. And thanks to this characteristic, it directly contributes in a decisive way to convey a positive image of Albania. And of course, this makes it a patriotic initiative as well.

Only the Covid-19 pandemic spread everywhere like an exasperating fog, put off the organization of the Tirana International Fair.

But how flexible should exhibition organizers be to introduce virtual solutions, virtual booths, webinars, webinars, online greeting exchanges, online inauguration ceremonies? It was not the surprise of the moment and the blocking of thought or initiative that did not allow us to decide otherwise. It was the conviction of many colleagues, event organizers, etc., that the Live Fairs and Exhibitions could never be replaced by ” online handshakes” because as Jochen Witt, President of the JWC says: “The essence of any exhibition or tradeshow is physical presence. There is no ‘virtual’ exhibition and there is no ‘hybrid’ tradeshow, like there is no virtual meal or hybrid swim.”

            Therefore today, we look with curiosity, but with the same passion and dedication, towards the full opening of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.

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