ALMEX – Albanian Military Exhibition was born as the passport of “Albania in NATO”, as the country itself became involved in synergies and Euro-Atlantic integration as a new resounding voice in the international circles of Defense and Security. As the demands of the state Defense and Security Institutions were arched in the light of the criteria for reform and standardization, inseparable from a global mentality and vision, KlikEkspoGroup chose to open a window on this industry with a unique event embracing all the Balkans, where such defense and security events are still rare. In the portfolio of KlikEkspoGroup, the Exhibitions on Defense and Security, are the most particular occurrences: for visitors it is the cult event that never stops arousing curiosity, and for the exhibitors, domestic, international, private entities or state institutions, it is a demonstration of the power of  good deeds” in all perspectives.


By the metamorphosis that the whole defense and security system is going through, Western Balkans turns out to be a key factor to attracting the attention of world leaders to propose fast and long-term cooperation. The fusion of the local immediate demand and swift international supply, grant to the event the status of a unique summit to display such “market progression”.

The Western Balkans are a roulette of opportunities: an early industry in the military sector, armaments, ammunition, uniforms, explosives, military training and education facilities, academic and training institutions for the qualification and formation of defense and security manpower, are the areas where offers for technological innovation and smart solutions are welcomed.

The reconstruction and the modernization of the NATO Air Base in Kuçova – Albania, is an important joint investment of the North Atlantic Alliance and the Albanian Government, the first one in the Western Balkans of these dimensions, and testifies about the serious partnership and concrete contribution of Albania to the NATO mission.

The colossal training of NATO forces, “Defender Europe 2021”, which started strategically in Durrës in early May 2021, with the allocation of 6,000 troops in 6 different military bases in Albania, such as in Kuçova, Farka, Bizë, is a crucial indication that shows the advantage of Albania in the Region of the Western Balkans as a member of the Alliance, under an economic reading-key as well. 



TISDE – Tirana International Security & Defence Expo, is the 360-degree platform of state-of-the-art technologies, with abundant information and smart solutions about the defense and security issues. TISDE enables exhibiting companies to safely “anchor” closer to the target audience; exhibitors crown participation not only by making new contacts that turn into end customers, but also with concrete and valuable trade-partners in all other chains of production and distribution of the exhibited products and services.

The uniqueness of Tirana International Security & Defence Expo, brings to the center of attention the “human factor”: the format of the new military officer in front of smart equipment and weapons, law enforcement structures closer to the citizen, and human resources in front of technological innovations. “Security” comes in all its synonymy in the daily life of the citizen as much as the concept of “protection” becomes more perceptible and more comprehensible.



For companies that choose the indirect participation or as trade visitors, TISDE or ALMEX are fully effective, providing both to the hosts & guests parties, communication and interaction spaces and opportunities. Networking with colleagues and homologues, receiving the right information at the right time, constitute the power of a successful participation. Joint networking spaces and free coffee breaks in which participants can share and receive mutually valuable information, or as provided by authorities and representatives of the Departments of Defense and Security of Albania or the Region.

Get ready to network with:

  • Representatives of Regional Governments;
  • Military Delegations of Defence and Security;
  • Personalities of national defense;
  • Law enforcement professionals
  • Security consultants
  • Top managers of defense and security industry
  • Entrepreneurs, traders and distributors.





At conferences and confrontation round tables on international defense and security issues initiated and designed by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and respective state institutions, the strategic speakers will be the representatives of state delegations of member countries of NATO or aspirant countries that preserve the status of “generators of peace” in the Western Balkans and worldwide, where also Albanian missions present their commands, thus showing the profile of today’s Albania as a reliable partner and firm European promoter of stability and economic development; on the other hand, by the modesty that makes a small nation, a great one, this event would be the direct approach for Albania to face and take advantage of the experience of countries of consolidated democracy and stability. The summit brings to the table countless opportunities to discuss and to also analyze the map of unknown issues associated with defence and security industry in these markets. With the key feature as the only “Business to Government” Event of defense and security industry in the country, and commitment of defense and security departments and authorities to interact with multinational companies from France, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom and counterpart institutions, KlikEkspoGroup confirms once again the perseverance to carry on this exclusive initiative.

Live Demostration

Close-up live demonstrations, another special feature of TISDE & ALMEX. Tactical shooting ranges, naval simulations, air shows, military squads, are the natural background for demonstrations of weapons, vehicles, military equipment, new technologies exhibited at TISDE. TISDE is not linear exhibition, but also involvement of the Armed Forces, Police and Law Enforcement, Commando Forces, as the end users of the technologies showcased: demonstration of armored and anti-riot vehicles, war against terrorism, civil emergencies and rescue operations, training of new military special forces.





Since its first edition, ALMEX has been the epicenter of international media, photojournalists, analysts, specialized magazines such as ArmyRecognition, Commando, Armada, representatives of Regional and European TV (over 45 accredited media). ALMEX resembles its global homologues, in the first editions, with the same curiosity of the visitors and the same will and professionalism of the exhibitors: says the Official Media Partner “Army Recognition”. The prestigious French “Commando” focuses for a long time on state military enterprises in the process of recovery and demilitarization, leaving ample space for the Albanian Commando Mission in Afghanistan and other missions where the flag of the Albanian Armed Forces has been raised.


For KlikEkspoGroup itself, by the acquisition of professional maturity and involvement in the international network of Fairs and Exhibitions with membership in UFI – Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, it was time to rise higher, by choosing to excel in being the advance guard and the blacksmith of innovations.

Evolved today at TISDE – Tirana International Security and Defense Exhibition, ALMEX remains a tangible document of a long process of development of the industry, structures and human resources of defense and security throughout the Balkans, of social and political recovery reflecting a clear insistence to look forward, up to EU integration. From the first edition, the event paves the path for international industrialists ready to “encamp” with their technological innovations in the Balkans, resulting in a unique matchmaker for exhibitors from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, North Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Great Britain, USA.

The configuration of the Tirana International Security & Defense Exhibition, today sees the event as a well-thought-out tool to galvanize market control and activities closely related to defense and security, to empower them with valuable information on technological news, macroeconomic and legislative aspects that match with technological innovations and smart solutions across the Balkans: regulatory impacts on import-export of dual-use military goods, comprehensive fight against terrorism, high-security documents, smart-solutions in the analysis of biometric data, integrated border management, strengthening law enforcement and security, etc.

A visible line is drawn between exhibitors and potential buyers of state or private structures: the sectors of goods showcased run in parallel to the items dictated by the needs for modernization and standardization of the Armed Forces and Defense and Security Institutions, such as: armored vehicles, armaments and ammunition, communication systems, military uniforms and equipment, dismantling and demilitarization Industry, Smart Defense Systems, Aeronautics, counterterrorism, integrated border management, security of identity documents and high-security documents. 

  • Data protection and high security documents
  • Communication and Information Systems
  • Industrial intelligence and the fight against economic crime
  • Security and Public Order;
  • Fight against trafficking and organized crime
  • Urban safety and security – Transport Safety
  • Security of public spaces
  • Security at airports, ports and border crossings
  • Border security, control and management
  • Cyber security
  • Fight against terrorism
  • Energy, oil and gas security
  • Civil emergencies
  • Border protection and integrated border management
  • Safety in schools and public spaces
  • Security of personal information and data
  • Road transport safety
  • Health service safety
  • Security of persons and private property
  • Legislative security
  • Airport and Port Security
  • Fight against terrorism
  • Peacekeeping Missions