Strategic geographical position, accessible and affordable tourism 365 days a year, generously sunny climate, a unique example of religious tolerance and co-existence, now Albania shows its most attractive side through multidimensional human and natural potentials, real development platforms, hospitable policies: in tandem, local and international  exhibitors transform the event into a forum of experiences, approaches and exchanges that lead to development and growth in the area.

Albania, home to God and friends!

The Religious Tourist Market, constitutes the novelty and attractiveness of the new event, introducing even a model of pilgrimage organized by the Exhibition Agency, in the Church of Shna Ndout (Saint Anthony of Padova Church – Laç), in the famous Churches of Dhërmi, newly restored Churches, Mosques and Cult Objects with historical values, which still convey today the echo of an exemplary coexistence between religious faiths, becoming unique examples in the Region for conveying messages of interfaith tolerance. Religious Tourism, one of the most interesting types of tourist itineraries, to reveal the values of this tourism, ways of organizing and close connection with territorial marketing and development of specific sites. It is now the turn of the most successful operators in Albania and Southeastern Europe Region, which lead worldwide tourists to spiritual itineraries, by exploring items of religious evidence and cult artifacts since the dawn of antiquity to the present times, the countries that join in pilgrimages the believers and lovers of religious architecture. Through this typology of touristic packages, can be promoted ancient temples and churches, Bektashi shrines and the entire interesting Balkan religious history. 

Albania is the land of strong contrasts!

One of the sectors, which progress we will share at ExpoHost, is the Hotel and Hospitality industry, a sector in constant motion and in perpetual reaction between quality and potentialities, commitment of people and management that still need to be optimized. It is now visible the transformation of hotels from primary hosts for inners into “stages” where new lifestyles, culinary delights, art corners or business meeting points are launched. Through photographing of the best hotels invited to the event, the trade partners, and service providers directly or indirectly associated with the world of hotels are provided with action and promotion spaces, too. ExpoHost has transform into a great opportunity for the service providers to get closer to the potential buyers, while for the hotels, it is a unique opportunity to express the philosophy of being positioned in the market and attracting customers. On the other hand, ExpoHost will be the promoter of all tourist sites which are showcased through the presentation of hotels, including Coastlines, Mountain Resorts and Hostels, Agritourism on Foothills, up to those hotel chains representing the congress and business tourism.


Tour Visitors

Both sides of the custom-made Touristic Offer will be confronted:

  • tourism through which the host community is educated with the spirit of the visitor,
  • and vice versa, when the visitor will be molded with the local culture.


General visitor: Final buyer
International and Albanian visitors for each particular category of tourism: pre-school students, graduates, youngsters, family members, honeymooners, seniors, explorers, creative tourists, authors, writers, painters, researches and scientists, etc.

Professional visitor: Partner or Subcontractor




With a unique macrogeography shared between the Adriatic and the Ionian, Albania constitutes an important development of the navigation and tourism industry throughout the Mediterranean; moreover, the microgeography distinguishes Albania as one of the "Lands!" more attractive for "leisure" professionals.


A space dedicated to Business-Vacationers, who chose to spend their off time in business trips, cultural events participations, quality time spent by learning and growing both spiritually and professionally.


Whether private or state institutions, tourism actors are aware how this sector meets other parallels, related to Art, Culture, Heritage, all together jointing forces to invest and "export" of a sole valuable product, as the Land of Eagles.


Geographical diversity is an asset in itself! An overwhelming alternative to lifelong coastal tourism, the touristic bed and breakfast farms, with their own peculiarities according to the Regional assets, and among other things tangible support for rural areas.


Tour Operators, to offer ingoing and outgoing packages to counterparts arriving from the Balkans and Europe, according to a special business-space dedicated to business oriented participants. Ask for it at:


Skiing or hiking, scuba diving or rafting, all Tour Operators and Professional Guides, along with their service providers are invited.


The salon is a display for the Blue Economy's trade, science and technology, investment, tourism, and other activities. National and international companies are invited to showcase their innovative products, technologies, and services, along with governments and international organizations are presenting their economic development and financing plans.


One of the strong points of the Salon is the focus on the employees in this sector: training, seminars, qualification programs of schools of hospitality and tourism that generate employment and qualified staff, which more than an added value, are the core of this sector.


A journey of tastes and joy towards typical agricultural products, artisanal ways of producing wines, beverages, dairies, and even tobacco; a way to discover the food by also the traditional secrets of preparing it and serving it in different Regions.

After the “hide & seek” period and vividly coming back after a repressive moratorium, through the Nautica Show Salon will be restored the splendor of a sector in all its perceptions and benefits directly affecting the development of the country: navigation and maritime will be showcased in their first dimension as a means of living and connection, travel and transport, appreciation as an instrument of recognition of the Albania’s land and underwater tourist treasures, up to the forms of safety of vacationers or that of national waters.


Compass shows: Luxury yachts and sailing boats will be in focus. A fast emerging sector in the last decades, luxury cruise tourism anchors by carrying new inputs into the entrepreneurial world which will be unveiled at the Nautica Show: manufacturers and decorators of luxury yachts and watercraft, yacht yards for maintenance and training from the Region (Greece, Italy, Croatia and Turkey), travel agencies, etc.


News: Ranked at the top of the lists of world specialized media for tourism, Albania generously offers space and climate for Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism from the multitude of white peaks, undiscovered canyons, canoeing, sailing boats, sport parachuting, mountain biking, diving & scuba diving, etc.


Key Regional Projects are attached to it, such as the construction of Tourist Ports and Yacht Ports, in Durrës, Vlora, Saranda and Shëngjin, as assistants and generators of the development of local areas and communities in which they will be implemented.