Book, Art and Heritage Festival is the International Cultural Festival, which aims to encourage and strengthen the bond of generations with Books and Culture in a comprehensive mobilization encouraged through original and impactful formats that contribute to the promotion and transmission of culture, customs and heritage, in a virtual set of values, cultivating awareness and pride for the treasures of humanity. Organized under the auspices of the Municipality of Tirana and the Ministry of Culture, the event is a revival for all actors and factors of culture, masters of arts, the author, the writer, translator, researcher, painter, and through them, complete the circle up to the most distant bibliophile. The Cultural Festival shows that it was time for Tirana to make its own an event of such an importance, originality, creativity and standards that line up to other European capitals, playing again the “card of culture”, as quoted in the international media by giving value to the frequency importance of cultural and artistic activities.

  • over 100 characters and active personalities of art and culture, among writers and poets, authors, publishers, translators, scholars, linguists, painters and masters of visual arts, librarians and bibliophiles, professionals and amateurs of speech and all arts that build the future and heritage;
  • over 90 meetings and activities scheduled since the opening of the Event or added by the curiosity of the protagonists and the need to highlight a whole industry that flourishingly operates for the final product (book), and which starts from school benches to the professional education at international level;
  • over 80 exhibitors showcased with exhibition pavilions, both domestic and international Publishers, Tirana Public Libraries and district libraries, printing houses, author’s pavilions, exhibitions of rare works collections, technological solutions and multimedia support that bring the book closer and in an easier way.
  • over 2,000 students and pupils were actively involved, making up the backbone of a unique and gratifying event for them;
  • over 70 titles promoted, new titles or reminiscent from early memory, belonging to literature, research, cartoons and coverings, satires and self-esteem, historical facts and linguistic documentation; titles presented mainly by authors, translators and publishers themselves.

The Festival is designed to provide with the necessary space the exhibition stands, as well as the common spaces for the organization of joint activities with the same mission as that of bringing the generations closer to Art and Culture; an innovative configuration with venues and events calendar very visitor-oriented, in which the public itself is as much a “spectator” and a protagonist.

Tirana of City of Culture does not speak only in the singular, but becomes the natural epicenter of Albanian culture, language and literature, representing the triangle of values Tirana-Pristina-Skopje: natural cultural connection with neighboring countries, presentation of cross-border projects related to books, literature, culture; unified publications of works belonging to Albanian people and the Albanian language.

The corner dedicated to the Creative Europe Program awarded projects, was presented not only as a parade of titles and names, but as a genuine training Atelier about the immense opportunities offered by the Program, the ways of participation, selection of tangible topics from literary translation funds to Cultural Heritage as a “mission” in itself.

The next edition is being elaborated at the “art workshops” of KlikEkspoGroup, in a new medium format, which together with the group of artists and art professionals, we will bring back in the spring of 2022. Stay tuned for news !


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In Albanian & foreign language chosen under the care of professionals, specialized publishers, translators, new proposals in content and form were introduced. Also enhanced by Dictation and Calligraphy Classes, a way to encourage children to write, and to develop their “pen in hand” skills; in cooperation with elementary schools; Albanian language teachers, guest calligraphers.


In Albanian & foreign language, protagonists are the female writers and poets; publications on women, mobilized feminism, the Woman character, selections of the most beloved Albanian and world literature.


Books are not meant to be seen or browsed, but to be read and treasured, and yet, the values of publications make room for the unique work of visual artists, photographers, painters, graphic designers artists, who carefully have created Covers, Illustrations, Photo Portraits, and even Literary Inspired Movie Posters.


The future edition is expected to have other perspectives, but it is still worth recalling the accredited awards and medals of appreciation for important personalities who were awarded for their work and contribution about Books, Literature and Linguistics. "Best Promoted Book"; "The Medium That Promotes Reading"; "Best Cover and Best Illustrator" and "Best Essay" are just some of the Festival competitions.


A special window is opened in Memory of Dritëro, a stop for smart readers, young poets and promising authors, who are welcomed under the Dritëro's blessing aura, turned into the "house of young poets", as each time over 20 promotions of young poets from Albania and Kosovo, leave the residence overwhelmed by the verses of The Great Poet.


Albanian cinema hours with screenplays written by well-known Albanian writers. Open dialogues with screenwriters, writers, directors; creating the reverse debate, is literature a script !? Also a glance into the past of "Audio Drama", reading and performing cult books from children and adolescents by the voices of well-known actors.
  • over 95,000 organic posts on social media during the days as well as at the end of the event, confirming that the events about Books are a must;


  • over 15 hours per day without interruption of cultural events, studying, researches, discovering of new talents, events related to promotion and remembrance of heritage values, reading and performed poetry, staging and interpreting, literature through cinematography;


  • over 15 media involved between Tirana, Pristina and Skopje, through information columns but also investigative articles that encourage constructive debates;


  • over 12,000 visitors, listeners and followers of the Festival and the Calendar of daily and round-the-clock activities;


  • over 20 Ambassadors, Deputy Ambassadors, cultural attachés, attended the event by also delivering speeches, presentations and concrete contribution to the organized activities;


  • over 15 foreign languages were spoken live from Tirana: Italian, French, Spanish, English, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian and Balkan languages, Bulgarian, Romanian, German, British & American, Russian, Polish, Greek, including Chinese (via participation of the Confucius Institute).