The echo of the Tirana International Fair – UFI Approved Event, is still clearly visible: with an annual average of at least 500 exhibitors coming from all over the world with over 25 flags, they dictate in Albanian, the latest technology and were proposed as future collaborators of both the Albanian market and that of the area it geographically represents, under the name “Gateway to the Balkans”. At the time when the BALKAN SCHENGEN is the new watchword, Tirana International Fair maintains the annual standards, becoming the barometer of economic and social relations in the Region, beyond agreements, pacts and memoranda on paper. At Tirana Fair, the exhibitors themselves witness the current status of these relationships, by speaking out clearly with business contracts figures’ languages.

over 32,000 guests per edition, have navigated through the culture and life-style of more than 25 countries, in the Palace of Congresses premises and in the entire business spaces of the Albanian capital;
We have opened up new dimensions of cooperation, sometimes even against the odds and becoming the frontrunner of the industry: defines and security industry, alternative energy, processing of heavy and dangerous wastes, digital and smart solutions;
we have guided and revealed the trends to more than 300 foreign entrepreneurs per edition, 40% of which, for the first time were faced with the uniqueness of the country, and who still remains attracted to the market.
Sector-oriented and geo-personalized B2Bs, lead to signed agreements, while the B2Gs have also brought closer the state institutions to the latest solutions and technologies in the key

Tirana International Fair, is currently the only international event organized in Albania with the standards audited and approved by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. 

The data and statistics of every other edition of the Tirana International Fair – Panairi Ndërkombëtar i Tiranës, are audited by the Institute of International Fairs Statistics ISF (Bologna – Italy), according to ISO Accredia criteria.

Tirana International Fair has already turned into the identifying symbol of Albanian business in the world, but at the same time into a connecting bridge between Albanian and international businesses. The key mission was to introduce the Albania with great natural resources, tourism, agriculture, and many other industries, which expect to be developed by the most important international businesses. KlikEkspoGroup has been seeking and succeeded by these decades and years, to teach foreign businesses to speak Albanian and to encourage them invest in Albania. With such a manifestation, every year, the International Fair of KlikEkspoGroup has shown how small the world is and that it can all be gathered in one Exhibition.


Let’s start with a reminder on your agenda: Tirana International Fair, 1st to 4th December 2022. As an emerging market with extraordinary growth potentials, natural mining and facilitation policies for enterprises, Albania is the most hospitable country for the international investor who discovers it through the Tirana International Fair. If what you are looking for is a specific product, a quick look at the competition performance or a cautious distributor for your new brand, for every step you make inside the Trade Fair premises, KlikEkspoGroup will got your back!


For all the times you have tried to contact an unreachable top manager, for those times you had the opportunity but lacked the creativity to invest, and for all the times that your product did not pierced into the veins of the market, it is time to get your payback in the right place and time. All sectors that provide the Region with economic breathing source are introduced under one umbrella, the Tirana International Fair:

  • Construction and building, alternative energy sources, collection and processing of heavy waste, metalworking and metallurgy, mineral industry, tourism and agritourism, agri-food industry;


  • In the city, with the vast variety of ethno-cultures and ways of doing business: over 20 countries are represented every edition; in a single context with rich vocabulary ask the question that awaits solutions and follow the experience of the best;


  • Multinationals that choose to surprise the market by participating in trade fairs; face-to-face in a healthy business-to-business duel (B2B meetings and meetings between entrepreneurs and policymakers);


  • Discover the motivation that will finance your ideas: Salon of Banks and Banking Institutions among the best-organized pavilions in Albania; make your voice heard at vital and constructive roundtables and debates: economic forums organized in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Investment Promotion Agencies, Ministries of Economic Development;


  • Development Agencies and researchers of Balkan markets; Enable thousands of trade visitors and business supporters talk about you and spread your business around the world: including business support associations, diplomatic missions, etc; show the values of your business in front of the media: over 25 media campuses are operating during the days of the Tirana International Fair;


  • For Albanians who return to the “home – Albania” already as investors and catalysts for the development of their country, Tirana International Fair constitutes the driving force to transfer their know-how and achievements to the benefit of a European Albania.


  • Do not forget the virtual meetings: in the mega screens visible to the naked eye from different angles of special mega-halls at the “Business Atelier Areas”, will be aired live, business-to-business meetings, greeting words, product presentations, commercials, and virtual business or tourist tours;


Zoom over sectors: Mono-sector pavilions at annual intervals, run parallel to priority sectors and economic development advantages: Construction and Energy, Renewable Energy Sources, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Food and Packaging Industry, IT and technological innovations, Environmental Protection, still remain the most “highlighted” sectors within the multifaceted pavilions of the Fair.

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Open to Trade Operators and General Public and:

  • You, the  ready-to-go buyer, you are being observed too: how fast would you run to get custom-made offers and proposals by dozens of international exhibitors?


  • Students, we challenge you to tell us under what other conditions you could see thousands of marketing pages implemented, how is the multinational business plan implemented in your exams?


  • For the international visitors, special care is paid in booking special entry tickets, attending upon-request meetings, and the most valuable tips are offered to carry away the mystery, tourism and lifestyle of the metropolis.


and more:

  • various industries’ stakeholders
  • decision makers and private enterprises administrators
  • buyers an consumers
  • retail, wholesale, export
  • business and marketing services
  • manufacturing industry
  • skilled trades
  • raw material producers
  • officials from Ministries and Municipalities
  • administrators from Public Entities and Enterprises
  • international Authorities from Public and Private Sector
  • local and international Press
  • academics and students

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