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A clear message, strongly announced: Fairs and Exhibitions, are the levers for the Revival and Economic recovery, so in the first edition of “New Era”, together we will understand how much the business community missed fairs and exhibitions.

The persistence on returning to live events, the missed freedom to wish for interaction and face-to-face meetings, the excessive overload and dependence on electronics and the screens, the curiosity to revitalize community life, what is essential and fundamental, what is eternal and irreversible, all that will be the everyday life after 2020 – 2021.

This November we are getting ready for a unique event, divided between the world we knew until yesterday and the one we will choose from tomorrow, with sectors that will seize the new virtual ways of doing business, communication and signing of contracts in remote ways, renewed security conditions in  production lines, food safety chain and all that is essential.

          It cannot be otherwise, the return of Fairs and Social Events to Tirana is enabled by the “par excellence” Albanian Fair, Tirana International Fair – Event approved by UFI, 27th to 30th of November 2021.

          The hybrid formula, the one that intertwines the exhibition in the traditional hall with the visit of the Operator from the virtual platforms, which reunites the public  in the exhibition hall in front of the online speakers, which combines the 360-degree observation of the product displayed both on the stand and on screen, will also occupy the Tirana International Fair, as the counterparts of  the common world industry.

          If the practice meets the needs of the time, the conceptual essence of the Tirana International Fair will cross sectors, gather economic and geographical topics, bring together entrepreneurs and investors as in the last three decades:

  • Sectors moving in a slow pace during the pandemic, will be elevate to the deserved podium by the Fair: tourism and travel, why not art and music, social and entertainment events, 360 degrees “Made in Albania” and “Made from Albania”, SME and craftsmen;
  • Cutting-edge sectors: health and medicine, civil emergencies, food safety, customer care regardless of company profile, information technology and new effecient communication solutions;
  • Construction, energy, public works, transport, sectors always eager for marketing and awareness. “Albania is the champion of the Balkans”, the Prime Minister would say, stating that thanks to internal commitments and benevolent policies towards foreign direct investments, the country will reach the pole position in energy, tourism, agricultural exports and digital society.
  • With the leitmotif “Balkans without economic frontiers“, the Gallery of States will bring back the State Pavilions of Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo without which the formula would not be complete as well as Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc. This is not new for the Tirana International Fair, but “bis repetita placent“, as for consecutive editions the event had convincingly foreseen the realization of a Balkan Schengen, for almost 20 editions in a row. This year’s edition will be launched under a new geopolitical light, once again placing Albania in the position of a catalyst for changes and improvement in the region.
  • The chosen professional and efficient visitor who does not leave the fair without a local and even international feedback, as International Fairs has already won the importance “award” in business travels by being inserted in the white-list for a long time now.


Covid-Free Albania is not distant: vaccination is running on the right way, control of the spread of the virus, civic awareness, make Albania loved and easily accessible to visitors and tourists from all over the world. A long summer is ahead for coastal, mountain, ecological, but also cultural tourism and the tourism related to places of worship and religious faith, with the rare uniqueness of religious tolerance for the entire region.

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