Creation of Economic Corridors and Cultural Corridors as supporters of stability and development in the Balkans, through enterprises promotion initiatives, are the rails on which the daily work philosophy of KlikEkspoGroup has move forward. Every fair, every new partnership, every new initiative that is generated and launched by the laboratories of KlikEkspoGroup, highlights in the wide hologram what makes the company trustful and the trusted one for hundreds of collaborators around the globe: longevity and long-term sustainability in the track of success, the “populated” network of collaborators, geo-personalized offers and topics, rich client portfolio and all-inclusive database of potentials, 360-degree customer care and commitment. From initial market research campaigns for investors of all sizes and budgets, researching market slices and discovering trends always one step ahead, involvement and joining clusters and business consortia, observer and expert on socio-economic situations in the Balkans of “great reciprocities”, wise adviser of image and selection, all these features crystallize KlikEkspoGroup as the collaborator you are looking for in Albania, in the Balkans and in the Southeast Europe.


Among the Major projects for the Government of Albania itself, and one of which paved a new path for the professional growth of KlikEkspoGroup in the sector of defense, security, networks and electronic systems management, and production of high security documents, we can distinguish, “Production and personalization of Passports of Albanian Citizens”, executed by the prestigious German Bundesduckerei GmbH, Berlin, Germany, on behalf of the Ministry of Interior of Albania. KlikEkspoGroup, in the position of the Local Partner was engaged in all stages of the project for several years and in particular in the sector of Electronic Assistance System Maintenance (Helpdesk) and Maintenance of hardware equipment for all workstations installed in the territory of Albania .

KlikEkspoGroup with professionalism and care successfully  accomplished the Project “Design, Concept and Realization of the Albanian Pavilion at the World Expo Milano 2015. From May 1st to October 31st, 2015, in 184 days of events, business meetings, politics made through modus vivendi from over 145 countries, Expo2015 registered over 21.5 million visitors, 60 heads of state, 300 high-level official visits. The Albanian Pavilion was part of one of the special-themed Clusters at Expo2015, Cluster BioMediterraneo, in which together with the countries of the same region, it shared the promotion of Bio products under the chosen and unifying motto: Health, Beauty and Harmony. This community witnessed the value and significance of getting together, coexistence and integration, in an atmosphere made of colors and tastes embedded in a unique cultural experience.

In the escalating track of KlikEkspoGroup in the defense and security sector, we partnered with SECOM from Rome – Italy, which introduces in Tirana the new and unique technology for the present times and world over: personal somatic data recognition and analysis systems, equipment and technologies for identifying the authenticity of high security documents and banknotes.

After a test achieved during the G7 Summit in Taormina, on behalf of the scientific police department and Arm of Carabineers in Italy, the FAD and BIOFAD systems produced by Secom srl have already been installed in Tirana.


International impact events, important art and cultural exhibitions, third parties trade missions and campaigns, are proof how KlikEkspoGroup has already made an invincible deal with the country of Eagles but also with the whole Balkans, to promote and elevate the values of the Peninsula with constructive contrasts.In the MICE Industry, thanks to KlikEkspoGroup’s experience coupled with professionalism, we have been entrusted with the image and promotion of their work by a rich portfolio of institutions, world programs and state enterprises, such as: UNICEF, USAID, NATO, Mother Teresa Airport, Interstate Congresses, Ministerial of Ministers of Transport, presentations of products, brands and corporations, Conference of the People’s Advocate, High State Council as well as a series of promotional events of domestic and international businesses, that have entrusted their image to KlikEkspoGroup. (more to follow bellow)

Trade and Economic Missions, on-site Visits, Factory and Production Line Tours, Business Matchmaking, B2Bs and B2Gs, are the most rewarding platforms to enhance the journey of international entrepreneurs and help them recognize the opportunities of Albania, the Balkans and Southeast Europe.

“Business Ateliers” is designed on a concept of a virtual or hybrid meeting space in which stakeholders who share common perspectives have a particular approach to contacting valuable partners. Let’s not forget the virtual meetings: in the mega-screens visible to the naked eye from different angles of special mega-halls at the “Business Atelier Areas” during the Trade Shows, will be aired live, business-to-business meetings, greeting words, product presentations, commercials, and virtual business tours.

In the framework of International Congresses, worth mentioning the succesful organization of WBWS – Western Balkans Waste Solution Congress, an Expo Congress on Environment and Waste Management, Registered Trademark 2017, achieved thanks to the synergy between KlikEkspoGroup and G&G Environmental Consulting Studio led by activist Sazan Guri, and dedicated researchers and professionals with high sense of citizenship who seek healthy living in a healthy environment.

Expo Congress on Environment and Waste Management – Western Balkans Waste Solutions, an initiative that involved every stratum, academics and young people mobilized, NGOs, representatives of Civil Society, citizens looking for comprehensive information, researchers and implementers, investors and engineering minds:


As active member and attentively attending every CEFA Steering Committee Meetings and General Assemblies of CEFA, KlikEkspoGroup has been voted twice as the host of the General Assembly of the Central European Fair Alliance, with the participation of representatives of centuries-old European entities like Hungexpo; Reed Exhibition Wien; Munich Fair; Adriatic Fair of Budva; Klegenfurter Messe. Respectively held in 2012 and 2017, CEFA reunions, were hosted in the framework of the Tirana International Fair editions. CEFA recalls that the mission of the Exhibition industry is significantly contributing to integration, friendship, development initiatives, and cultural exchanges between peoples and nations. In Tirana were taken long-term decisions for one the most important Industries for the development and promotion of the European economy and enterprising: such as the Approval of the new Statute of the Alliance, which enhances cooperation between Fairs of European capitals and metropolises, and the organization of Itineraries Fairs in co-authorship.

Eyes and attention on us: The Opening Ceremonies of the Tirana International Fair, hold the special combination of the past, present and future of the Capital of Albania: in the fabulous atmosphere of the Royal Palace – Palace of Brigades, one of the most important buildings with a unique architecture, the selected international exhibitors, high personalities of diplomatic missions, media representatives and opinionmakers, are invited to enjoy an amazing festive and cultural program introduced by KlikEkspoGroup. Traditionally, culture permeates the Inauguration Ceremony, where periods of culture and heritage melt with the rhythm of the folk ensemble’s traditional dances, string quartet, while  colors of the future are performed by masters of arts coming from all over the globe. For international exhibitors, Albania that spreads culture is represented by the same greatness of the attractive country with immeasurable business opportunities.

The “matryoshka” effect of the Inauguration Ceremony surprises, an event within the event: “Golden Eagle – Medal  of Business”, a special annual Ceremony dedicated to outstanding contributors and personalities, both from business and social community who throughout the years have shown a real commitment in their domains to help strengthening cultural and social bonds in the international arena, and have contributed to a better world for the future generations. Personalities who have influenced and made proud all Albanians everywhere, have been awarded the Medal “Golden Eagle”, as approved and signed by the evaluation commission, composed also of elected international exhibitors, who experience the Albanian reality through the events of KlikEkspoGroup. Other medals also splayed across the chests of artists, media representatives, prominent entrepreneurs, philanthropists, politicians and scientists, etc.


We proudly walk with more than 2.000 loyal partners in almost 30 years of experience


More than 35,000 exhibitors of over 3,000 international events of various and countless formats


The number of visitors, specialized public, conference participants, art lovers at cultural events, exceeds 1.5 million over the three decades

Significant Partnerships

Banks & Financial Institutions


“Balkans, Land of Contrasts… in our time, the Promised Land …” Our events are molded after this very slogan, reconfirming Albania as the main gate to and through the Balkans, a reality of over 200 million consumers, counting 75% of EU trade exchanges figures, a Region that essentially fulfills the European Union significance. Our journey began here, in the Balkans, extending our paths of action in the South Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and now looking ahead for the EU accession:


We believe that Exhibition Industry should be a place where people can come together and share their dreams and aspirations. A space where people can experience the future together! A space where people can develop their ideas and dreams! A space where people can have fun and learn about other people’s cultures. That is why we are glad share the mission of UFI, an organization that brings more than 85 different countries together:


We believe that Exhibition Industry should be a place where people can come together and share their dreams and aspirations. A space where people can experience the future together! A space where people can develop their ideas and dreams! A space where people can have fun and learn about other people’s cultures. That is why we are glad share the mission of UFI, an organization that brings more than 85 different countries together:


We believe that Exhibition Industry should be a place where people can come together and share their dreams and aspirations. A space where people can experience the future together! A space where people can develop their ideas and dreams! A space where people can have fun and learn about other people’s cultures. That is why we are glad share the mission of UFI, an organization that brings more than 85 different countries together:


Symbolism of the Mill of Life:

The symbolism of the Albanian Pavilion, the “Mill of Life”, designed by the Artistic Curator, Master Edi Hila, conveyed many meanings of a complex reality that comes from a long history of difficulties and struggles to survive. A dignified nation that exists nowadays and that strives to integrate into the dimensions of the time in which we live. Albanian society is a society that enables people of different religions to live in complete harmony, a virtue on which a morality has been built and that keeps Albanians united.

In Albania, where coexistence is not cemented by a common religion, the unifying “third” is not left out. On the contrary, as a must, due to the constitutional requirements in addition to freedom and equality, culture has been at the center as a factor of unity and harmonious compatibility between those different (differences). Harmony is exactly a relationship, which means a provision versus something else. Culture is a factor of unity and unification, and what is important to stress for Albanians, is specifically that such unification was created voluntarily and naturally.

Societies are destined to fail if they are not supported by a force that does not depend on economics and politics, and this force, of a cultural nature, has been religion for many centuries. Its power was the belief in the same God or the same constellation of Gods, as an institutional structure and organization of the force that ruled the state. 

From the point of view of religious coexistence, we find the mill in the philosophy of the two main beliefs for Albanians: in the imaginations of the manger of the birth, the mill is designed precisely to symbolize the bread, and the bread as the body of Christ; and also in Islam, the perfection of the mill personifies in sacred scripts, humanity between the two wetlands guided by the axis, Allah.


The meaning of the Mill in an international dimension:

          Taking into consideration the fact that the symbol is presented in an international arena, the analysis of the myth of the mill and the flowing water is destined to match with world myths, to easily absorb the universal message.            The mill is an important node in the symbolism of “movement, transformation and life itself”. Milling grains use water and wind (giving the latter a positive value), two vital elements of nature, show the flow of time, as wheat is ground into white flour and “sacrificed” for bread which is a symbol of new life- it is the daily bread and at the same time the spiritual food. The slogan “Food for the Planet and Energy for Life”, as the mill that produces food and energy, can be also considered fulfilled. From a simple mechanical process of mill movement, the wheel of time that “grinds” physical life is also analyzed. A life-sacrifice process that generates Immortal Life: the transformation of raw material into flour, and then into bread, in a constant motion.

          The tradition and the innovation, exactly the two beams bearing the concept of the Albanian Pavilion itself, are explored graphically in the dedicated space:         

  • Culture and traditions are outlined through the Mill that grinds cereals, produces food, ensures living, coexistence and harmony;
  • The future and sustainable development, expressed through Digital Concepts focus on Biodiversity, Gastronomy, Organic Agriculture, Rural Development, Culinary Traditions of different provinces, Hospitality Dockets, Occidental influences on nutrition and cooking, change and culture of new tastes, laboratory research on soil quality to cultivate rare plants that may have advantages in the future with climate change, sustainable development for those typical cultivations and Albanian peculiarities.


Albania National Day on World Expo:

Day organized under the grace of Mother Teresa, with the twofold mission to not only celebrate a figure that is a motive of pride for every Albanian, but also to emphasize her mission, of a dedicated woman who is often referred to the most powerful woman in the world , as with her heart she has nourished the poor all over the world. Day of Albania was marked by a series of cultural concerts, the Folklore Ensemble of TKOB, the Ensemble of Arbëresh “Roses of Arbër”; tastings of typical Albanian slow-food.

    • NATO today – Presentation Exhibition, before the Albanian Membership
    • NATO Commando Change Ceremonies in Albania
    • 95th Anniversary of the Armed Forces (chain of activities)
    • Meeting of the Ministers of Transport of the countries of Corridor VIII
    • International Congress of the Transnational Radical Party
    • Inauguration Ceremony of Mother Teresa Airport Works
    • Presentation of the New Albanian Passport
    • American Development Fund Conference
    • Albanian Currency Exhibition
    • ACEEEO Annual Conference – Association of Central and Eastern European Election Commissions
    • Episcopal Conference in Tirana
    • USAID Ceremonial Events and Conferences
    • Trade Partners UK, PNUD, DFID etc.
    • UN and UNICEF Conference
    • Cooperation in the management of Song Festivals in RTVSH
    • Jubilee year organized by Don Bosco Community
    • World Health Organization Conference
    • North Atlantic Conference
    • Albanian Olympic Conference
    • International Congress of the Radical Party
    • Activities of Turkish College “Turgut Ozal”
    • State Bank Conference
    • Presentation of the INTERREG Project – Puglia Region, Lazio Region
    • American Bar Association Conference
    • Presentation of the well-known Devolli Company in Tirana
    • Raiffeisen Bank SME Conference
    • USAID – NGO Market overview Conference
    • REGULATION OF LAW PROGRAM – presentation
    • Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Corridor VIII
    • Inauguration Ceremony of Fiera del Levante in Albania
    • Co-organization of Turkish Products’ Trade Fairs in Albania, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Trade Fairs in Albania;
    • Co-organization of Egyptian Products’ Trade Fairs in Albania, in cooperation with the Embassy of Egypt
    • Stream Oil presentation
    • FIAT 500 presentation in Albanian market
    • “Studiare in Italia” – Education Fairs and Exhibitions during almost 7 different annual editions, organized by the Italian Institute of Culture.
    • Expo-Conferences in almost a decade of the The Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania – SHUKALB and homologues in Kosovo and in the Balkans.
  • In the spotlight:

  • BESIM/FAITH September 2014 – An audiovisual and spiritual exhibition that recalls the martyrs of the religious faith during the decades of the Atheist Communist Regime. A completely unique exhibition organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the National Historical Museum, in cooperation with religious communities, and under the special patronage of the Prime Minister of Albania. The history and documents in audiovisual format, made available by the Religious Communities in the country, is exhibited under the artistic supervision of the curators Edi Hila and Zef Paci.

  • The exhibition evokes the contribution of the Clergy in Albania, before, during and after the dictatorship period, their sacrifice for generations and promotes interfaith coexistence, as a distinctive feature of the Albanian society. The exhibition “BESIM”, as well as a series of other accompanying activities, were organized within the framework of the first visit of Pope Francis to Albania.

  • The commitment of KlikEkspoGroup, of its human resources and professional know-how, was made available to the Exhibition and Art Calendar on the occasion of Pope Francis’ Visit, in organizational details, logistics, backstage, and multimedia & audiovisual activities.

We can mention the B2B Missions of enterprises from the People’s Republic of China, companies representing the Provinces of Shanghai, Anhui; Albania-Portugal Economic Forum held in Porto; Albania-Serbia Economic Cooperation Forum; Albania-Greece Economic Forum, Albania-Belgium Economic Forum (Wallonia Region), Trade Fair of Turkish Products in Tirana, International Fair of Egyptian Products in Tirana; “Meet the Marche Region” mission with companies from the Marche and Abbruzzo Region in Italy; “Business at its best!” as well as B2B and B2G meetings organized as interludes for the exhibitors during their participation at KlikEkspoGroup Fairs.

The presence of over 12 Universities and Institutions of education and science, policy-making and law enforcement, distinguished the Expo Congress from the start as the most successful event among similar initiatives organized to date in Tirana and perhaps broader.

It involved at least 80 speakers and researchers with concrete lectures, domestic exhibition companies and international companies, mainly from Italy, representation authorities from Kosovo, North Macedonia (Ministry of Environment and Tourism; Ministry of Environment of Kosovo; Ministry of Environment of North Macedonia; KLSH Supreme Audit Institution- Albania / Kosovo etc).

Over 10,000 attendees, pupils and students actively engaged as participants and volunteers, with an interest in the concerned fields, from recycling to energy production / recovery from waste. Education and Training in the field of environment, will be seen with priority and care now, and this thanks to the large amount of topics and study spaces in which students were involved during the event. Focusing on important subjects, analysis and case studies, and above all close observation of the realities created in the country, technologies according to homologated standards and responsible development, enabled the WBWS achieve the preset goal.

The future of this initiative is now pre-programmed and will keep pace with the development and momentum that will have the sector of environmental protection, responsible business, sustainable development, renewable energy sources, etc.

Founded in the distant year 1995, more than two decades ago in one of the most prominent centers of our exhibition industry, in Munich, CEFA had certainly a motive and drive to be created as an organization. It was established to strengthen cooperation between the main actors of the exhibition and trade fair industry in Central Europe, but also to assist other entities and organizations, geographically members of Southeast Europe, whose countries aspire European integration. The dream of a United Europe had already conquered everyone and every country already felt European. The mission of our industry significantly contributes to each mission of integration, friendship, development initiatives, cultural exchanges for peoples and nations. After almost 22 years of ups and downs, the united Europe witnessed both unity and the will to open and resize, as well as numerous issues, mainly related to economic development inequality and appropriateness for the implementation of fiscal policies, and unifying policies in general.

  • Note: Palace of Brigades – the symbol building where the past, present and future of architectural heritage meet. Palace of Brigades, reflects the contribution of Italian architects who for the design and implementation have worked in Albania in the years 1930 – 1940.. It was first conceived by architect Giulio Berté as King Zog Royal Villa, and further completed by Gherard Bosio as a military residence. Today it is known as the Palace of Brigades, and is the main residence of the Albanian Government receptions.