Once again KlikEkspoGroup, which with great experience, will form Tirana at the crossroads where tastes and food products meet and where multi-ethnic arts intertwine, where the momentum of new technologies in the agri-food sector will be exchanged with artisanal attention. The manifestation aims to transform itself into a meeting place where subjects directly linked to rural areas face a “green” dialogue between farmers and producers of agricultural machinery, between producers and industrialists in its places of cultivation and production, transformation and distribution, an educational debate proposing innovative technologies by channeling the choices of the operators of the sector, necessary for the protection of the rural areas of the country.

Geography of Pavilions, where all Albania’s regions are represented by their “fruits”, once again proves that Agriculture is the key sector in Albania, thanks to which, through the appropriate management and policies could be harvested sustainable development and welfare, support the Albanian producers, contribute in reducing the costs of production, boost competitiveness, stop unfair competition, by encouraging the promotion and prompt distribution of “Made in Albania” products in the European Union markets and broader.

Agriculture as a source and development: A rediscovery of inland destinations, such as the ongoing project “100 Villages”, protection and enrichment of forests and green areas, rediscovery of mountain tourism and Agritourism, Bed/Breakfast & Nature: for the first time in the last year, agritourism has a significant percentage of precedence over agriculture, becoming for the first time the main “production” industry in the country. Regardless of the size, a family farm represents an added parcel in the domestic economy and a strong basis for local sustainable development.

Food Safety remains a vital topic throughout the supply chain. The Food Safety Convention is dedicated to providing attendees with highly relevant information to all segments of the food and beverage supply chain monitor, and propose solutions for food safety issues.


As never before, the difference is made by testing quality on the spot, through round-the-clock gastronomy competitions with the uniqueness that stands in the fact that the raw material will be provided exclusively by the co-participants: raw materials for sweets, oil, milk, flour, coffee, wines and alcoholic beverages, seafood, meat products etc. Thanks to this spinning wheel, agro-industry is completely introduced with equipment, primary or supporting facilities, machineries and solutions for processing, packaging, confections, roasting machineries, coffee roasting equipment, Horeca services and systems.

“In Vino Veritas”, Wines Festival is back! The event that one year ago confirmed for the renowned wine producers their predominance in the market, and while for the new producers it marked the first sparks to acknowledgment and commercialization. Diversity, taste and quality, advanced or handmade technology, packaging and labeling, will also be subdued in this edition to the subtle degustation and evaluation of the professional jury that will award the winners at the closure of the event.
Meanwhile, Olive Oil Festival, besides the spectacular values, confirmed its initial goal to be an incentive in fostering competitiveness, promoting and glorifying domestic product that will be a solid barrier to imported products.

Trade visitors:

Besides the category of fast buyers that see the fair as the shortest and most direct way to reach quality products, the show will introduce a better category of filtered visitors that reach the products for longer periods, rather than direct buying. Profile of visitors that will reach the showcased products will be selected and filtered as follows:

Exhibitors on Focus:



An invitation to discover the traditional way of serving and preparing food along with the latest trends in equipment, technology and gastronomy. Operators of the Food Industry, cooking chiefs, restaurant managers, meet together with other producers to open new cooperation opportunities.


Exhibitors representing avant-garde of machine components for agriculture, presenting their offer and technological know-how, suggestions and managerial capacity that provide evidence to ensure the speed of farming in the Region.


The trend in baked goods is moving towards diversity and international specialties. At Balkan Modus Nutriendi producers of the industry present product and food innovations in the area of bread and bread products.


The live parade of BIOs "Made in Albania," an exhibition of traditional Albanian entrepreneurs, farmers, and stoic traditional processors, will raise public awareness and serve as instrument to encourage the development of the market for inputs and organic products.


Fine and gourmet food on the plate for producers and special visitors seeking the best nutritional propositions in the market.


From the automation of food chain to the packaging industry, frozen food, food transportation, the innovation, and best practice companies are welcomed to showcase their novelties.