Building Values, it’s our Worth …

Novelties’ blacksmiths, oriented professionals with ideas focused on new paths, we work according to the firm belief to produce satisfaction and achievement for exhibitors, quality time for professional visitors, as well as long-term values and myths to Albania, as the voice that accompanies the metamorphosis of the country’s and Region’s development and announces important economic and social accomplishments. Innovation awakens curiosity, and as an innovation, Albania in 1994, a newly opened and emerging market, was presented to international entrepreneurs and investors, through the first ever International Trade Fair in the country, organized by our Klik.

The Growth

A new path opens up at a time when as novices to the free-market economy and marketing, the forerunners of Albanian entrepreneurship and the first courageous foreign investors have joined the First International Fair in Albania, held for the first time in Tirana, in November 1994, in the Pyramid transformed into the International Cultural Center; 82 exhibitors were registered that year, as the trajectory of future editions would rise to figures almost ten times higher.

Since then, we proudly walk together with more than 20,000 loyal customers in almost 30 years, with more than 35,000 exhibitors of over 3,000 international events of various and countless local formats, while the number of visitors divided into the specialized public, conference participants, art lovers at cultural events, students in training workshops, exceeds 1.5 million over the three decades.

The Strong Pledges

International Organizations, Partners and International Exhibitors, have entrusted us with their logos to give wings to the “eagle” of Klik, the only one that boosts  the growth of the Exhibition Industry in Albania. KlikEkspoGroup is the only Albanian Organizer member of UFI – Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, counting  752 members from over 87 countries.  We are a selected member of CEFAs – Central Europe Fair Alliance, and today, actively involved in the network of International Fairs industry in the Balkans and Europe (more about CEFA in Tirana).

KlikEkspoGroup represents Albania on the global map of UFI with the only Albanian event that enjoys the status of an Event Approved by UFI – Tirana International Fair; as the statistical data are certified by the Institute for the Certification of Fair Statistics, ISFCert Bologna Accredia Standard.

History in Timeline


                  The “click” that was needed in 1994, when the Advertising Agency with the simple and onomatopoeic name “click!”, with the passion for photography and the inclination towards what is beautiful and seductive, having the experience to launching Art and Culture Exhibitions, Beauty competitions, Fashion Shows, decided to organize the first Trade Fair in Albania, a Professional Fair that brought together more than 100 first Albanian enterprises, in a market just framed with the new rules of the Free Market Economy. The Pyramid, as the International Cultural Center was called at that time, hosted the first exhibitors in an exhibition area of 4,000 m2.


                     To be the first means to set good examples to follow: The International Fair of KlikEkspoGroup is the only manifestation whose longevity and continuity is based on annual births and creativity, even in those periods when due to the political instability and distortion of values, Albania’s image was affected directly: in 1997, Fair of Renaissance, restored the trust in the state institution, and showed to the international eyes that Albania loves development, despite of the internal problems.


                    Klik, is the only organization that awoke the interests of the well-known EAFiera del Levante in Albania since 1996, leading after numerous attempts, in the joint realization of the first edition of the Fiera del Levante in Tirana in 1998, an edition for which the merits of Klik in the partnership position with the Apulia Entity of Fairs, are undeniable, as also sustained by the welcome speech of the then President Francesco Divella, thanking the representatives of KlikEkspoGroup: “We made it!”

Since the acknowledgment as Official Delegate of Fiera del Levante for Albania in 1998, until the 8th edition of Fiera del Levante in Albania, EdilLevante in Albania, Italian Way of Living, and so over, KlikEkspoGroup, has maintained strong cooperation positions in the Albanian events of the Italian Entity.


                       Further on, in 1999, when the war and political developments in Kosovo united the directions in a single mission, the International Fair as envoy of peace and spokesperson of Albanian genetic generosity, returns as the platform where the contribution and management skills of that time governance was reflected, as well as the enormous support of programs and international organizations, such as United Nations, UNHCR, IOM, DFID, USAID, KFOR, ECHO, etc.


                 Growing Globally: KlikEkspoGroup & Tirana International Fair, is a full member of UFI – Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. UFI was established in Milan in 1925, by that time leaders of the Exhibition Industry, such as Vienna, Cologne, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan, Paris, Padua, Prague, Valencia, Brussels, Bordeaux etc. With headquarters in Paris and regional offices in Hong Kong, Dubai, Bogota, UFI’s core mission is to create a conducive climate and to take care of the progress and development of the exhibition Industry and large face-to-face business events.


                      “Declaration of Independence” from traditional buildings: one of the most accomplished editions of the Tirana International Fair, coinciding with the 100th Anniversary of Albania’s Independence, for the first time in Tirana, an Exhibition Tent with an area of over 10 thousand m2, with certified standards and up-to-date technology, was located in one of the identifying squares of the capital (Piazza Italia). In this unique platform, which was unimaginable to happen 20 years ago, the figures reached similar peaks with over 800 direct, indirect and represented exhibitors, 70,000 visitors, from the Albanian territories, Western Balkans, Europe, Asia, etc.

“Smart like 20, Wise like 100”: Independence itself encourages re-creation and brings up new opportunities for development and updating. The wisdom of ancient Albania, recreated as an independent state 100 years ago (on November 28th, 1912), gently merges with the skills of a 20-year-old, and the sharpness of two decades with the r-evolutionary coherence of the best.


                    KlikEkspoGroup, thanks to the professionalism and artistic care, successfully accomplished the Conception and Realization Project of the Albanian Pavilion at World Expo Milan 2015. The symbolism of the Installation of “Mill of life”, designed by the Artistic Curator, Master Edi Hila, conveys many meanings of a complex reality that stems from a long history of hardship and struggle to survive. A dignified nation that exists to this day and that strives to integrate into the dimensions of the time in which we live. (click here for more information about the Albanian Pavilion at Expo2015).


                  Over the years, we have consolidated the partnerships with international analogue organizations, with which we share memberships in global guiding networks of exhibition industry, as well as exchange knowledge, creativity, experience and ideas. As true as it is the expression that “all roads lead to Rome”, equally strong is the cooperation deal made between KlikEkspoGroup and Fiera Roma srl, which aims to see accomplished the mission of fostering communication, not only between the enterprises and governing institutions, but above all to create movement and consonance between peoples: two capitals, Rome and Tirana- the reference points for both edges of a geographical area enviable for the diversity- bring the exhibitors closer to the decision-making bodies by offering the clear economic and social picture of incentives and government supporting programs, and make room for mutual development strategies in the priority sectors, such as: Tourism, Energy, Agriculture, Health, Security, Education, market unification by extending the local concept to the regional one and, further on to the global one. On this platform of ideas and mutual creativity, in cooperation with Fiera Roma, will be organized in Rome, the first transferable (itinerant) edition of Tirana International Defense and Security Exhibition (with the similar name Global Security and Defense Exhibition), a unique trademark of KlikEkspoGroup in the Defense and Security sector, the cult event that appeared on the horizons of the Western Balkans since 2009, due to the country’s membership in NATO and which revealed Albania as a geopolitical factor but also a geo-economic pillar for the entire region. (more on TIDS).