Energy, Transport & Infrastructure Expo

International Salon “Energy, Transport & Infrastructure Fullscreen”, is traditionally organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, with the concept reinforced by the milestones enhanced by the demands of international investors in the sector, to have a thorough overview of investment opportunities and inflow of solutions for smart and economical use of electricity, proposing alternative sources, renewal of road infrastructure networks, ambitious major projects for air and sea transport, renewal of railway network, road transport safety, maintenance of road segments and services to the benefits of the citizens. On the other hand, international exhibitors aiming at immediate investments in Albania, consider with special interest the interface with the Albanian State Institutions and authorities, to be informed about the policies in support of business and foreign investments, public-public and public-private partnership, fiscal packages, benefits and facilities provided in priority sectors such as energy, infrastructure, transport.

A successful trinity of missions is developed through the International Salon “Energy, Transport & Infrastructure”, in favor of fostering the values of Albanian entrepreneurship, its internationalization and promotion of investments in a season of challenges and achievements for Albania.

Under the platform of an Expo Convention, the event is in charge of conveying the messages that reflect a completely changed economic reality, a market that not only carries the attraction of new unexploited opportunities, but is also welcoming for foreign investors and also cautious and prolific for the local entrepreneurs. The Salon is addressed to all entrepreneurs, representatives of public institutions, researchers, academics looking for solutions that bring innovations in this vital sector, even from the visionary perspective of modernization and further development of the Inter Balkan Network and Corridor VIII of the road and railway infrastructure, encouraging a convergent economic development between the countries involved: facilitating transport for entrepreneurs, tourism, education and other related topics.  Promoting regional policies and strategies of the markets of Southeast Europe, about the sustainability of energy supply in all forms, will be one of the key arguments that will go through the expo-conference as well as efficient use of water power and renewable energy sources, concrete benefits for gas in the energy production and other industrial needs.

“Energy, Transport & Infrastructure”, is the event evoking the positive image of Albania by highlighting the successes achieved, and at the same time, is able to promote the willpower of being a factor in global markets and a reference point for the Western Balkans and Southeast Europe. By a liberal legislation where international and domestic investors have the same obligations and rights, friendly taxations for the FDI and other foreign major investments, the Albanian Government has granted a special priority to sectors with high potential to grow, such as:

  • Renewable Energy and Mining Industry;
  • Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics
  • Urban Waste Management
  • Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure;
  • Free Economic Zones
  • Priority Development areas
  • Processing Industry
  • Information & Communication Technology 
  • National and International Airport, Ports, Highways





Infrastructure investments increased by at least 10%, enabling the financing of all open projects, including public-private partnership contracts in line with the Government’s priority programs to rebuild road networks, railway networks, residential and public buildings.


Companies providing services for road signals, road tax system, maintenance, logistics, road safety, lighting, water supply and sewerage;


Designers, builders, engineers who need to be in line with up-to-date technologies, multiply their connections in the market that can lead to new solutions;


Entrepreneurs, representatives of public institutions, researchers that look for innovation solutions regarding the use of renewable energy, both in the industry they represent and in the government departments, which by preserving the equation of using alternative resources and decreasing the electricity cost, are able to be environment-friendly.


Manufacturing company of machineries and building materials, asphalt and bitumen, vehicles, transport of construction raw materials, the whole chain related to the construction and maintenance of the road network;


Innovative application of renewable energies, efficient management of resources, enterprises that have introduced solutions with, alternative sources, solar panels; innovation technologies in heating and lighting systems;